Thursday evening saw us launch enLIGHTen with the switching on of projections onto the Melville Monument at St Andrew Square and the puffersphere at Charlotte Square! Having gathered first at the Royal Society on George Street, for a few words from our director Ali, Councillor Deirdre Brock, and a multi-voiced re-enactment of Ken MacLeod’s piece, ‘Maxwell’s Platter‘, we had a brilliantly balmy evening for wandering up to the ‘poetry garden’, and enjoying a complimentary cup of something nice and hot courtesy of our friends at Razzo coffee.

William Letford read us his specially commissioned poem, ‘Monuments of the Mind‘, before project manager Sara Grady led a countdown from 10 towards the great switch on! And there splashed up alphabet soup, a great mass of words, rising to the peak of the monument and cascading back down, spilling out David Hume’s wisdom: ‘Truth springs from argument amongst friends‘. Marvellous.

If you couldn’t be there in person, gnash not those teeth! You can see photos of the launch on our Flickr page, and right here in our gallery.You can hear the delicious audio pieces produced by (g)host city right here. And you can join in the conversation and keep up to date with everything via our Facebook page, and on Twitter, using the hashtag #edlighten.

If you have been there in person, we want to see your photos (such as the beauty above of Charlotte Square’s puffersphere by David Lesault!) and hear what you think! So tell us 🙂

Charlotte Square, 1 Rose Street and St Andrew Square are all lit up, with 175 Rose Street, 81 George Street and 22 George Street to follow this week, as well as some other surprises…

So watch this space, and get the drum rolls ready… we’ve only just begun!