Tour 2! Wednesday 14 March, 7pm

On Friday evening we tripped the enLIGHTen fantastic! Project manager Sara and City of Literature’s Peggy were met under the Melville Monument by a hale and hearty crowd, and together we took a Friday night perambulation around all six projections before continuing an enlightening evening in the pub! Here are Chris Scott’s snaps of the evening! We were delighted to meet so many enthusiastic people and – inspired by people who would’ve joined if they could’ve – have decided to throw a second tour!

Finer details:
Date: Wednesday 14 March
Time: 7pm
Meet us at the gates at the George Street side of St Andrew Square. You will know us by our enLIGHTen flyers.
Duration: the tour should take about an hour, and we’ll repair to a Rose Street hostelry for a tincture afterwards, for those who’d care to join.
Wrap up warm, bring your camera and prepare to be dazzled!