What’s enLIGHTen all about?

When does it start?
enLIGHTen will launch on 1st March and the projections will be on from 6pm – midnight until 18th March.

Where is it taking place?
You can find out much more about the locations and buildings we’re using here.

Is there a free book?
Not this year – enLIGHTen is not a One Book One Edinburgh campaign, but a new adventure, teaming up with tourism and business bodies within the city to bring the night sky alive.

I’m a journalist – who should I contact for further information / images / etc?
The PR for enLIGHTen is being handled by Groundwork Agency PR & Media. Anna or Shelley will be able to help: groundworkagency@gmail.com  | Anna Brennan  07743 442698 and Shelly Glascock 07703 530909

Who are ‘we’?
We’re City of Literature Trust, a charity, a tiny outfit of two (twa even) plus a team of gallus helping hands. We’re enthusiasts and story-lovers, fuelled by passion, hot chocolate, the odd dram and a bit of money. We spend our days running projects to promote and support our City of Literature and it’s a fine job, celebrating the life, stories and history of one of the greatest cities in the world.

You can find out what we get up to by browsing our previous projects, chatting with us on twitter (@EdinCityofLit) or sign up to our free weekly What’s On ebulletin to find out what’s going on in literary Edinburgh.

Our enLIGHTen project is part of our literary tourism programme of work and we’ll be rolling out a range of other projects over the coming months and years.

We’re all about collaboration, and for this project we’ve banded together with the excellent folk at Essential Edinburgh, Marketing Edinburgh, Edinburgh World Heritage, NL Productions and City of Edinburgh Council, and become part of the Year of Creative Scotland 2012 promotion. None of this would have been possible without our ever-patient, supportive and imaginative partners.

Where did the idea come from?
enLIGHTen owes its genesis to three things. Firstly, our director, Ali Bowden, loves projections; she has a bit of a thing for them. Secondly, our 2010 Carry a Poem saw us project poetry on Edinburgh Castle Rock on Valentine’s Night and that image travelled the world. We knew we were on to something. Thirdly, our Chair put the word ‘enlightenment’ in our business plan five years ago and our director confessed that that’s a word she doesn’t really use much, and so she began mulling on it, scratching her head, reading and wondering what ‘spreading enlightenment’ could actually mean to you and me. And so enLIGHTen was born, on the back of an envelope, one late evening in Melbourne when she was on holiday. There was alcohol.

Haven’t answered your question?
Email Peggy: peggy@cityofliterature.com