We’ve worked with six fantastic writers who have responded in poetry and prose to the Enlightenment wisdom we’re projecting and the building we’re projecting on. We teamed them up with (g)host city, specialists in innovative, virtual and augmented reality performance, to produce the commissioned micro fiction and poetry especially for your ears. David Hicks from Edinburgh World Heritage has lent his mellifluous voice and capacious knowledge to our special audio guides, which give a fuller historical understanding to each site.

You can download or stream them all from here, or use our QR codes at each site to download them or stream them from your phone. If your phone is unable to support flash, simply follow the link below each player to soundcloud.


Gavin Inglis’ story ‘Starfield’ responds to Allan Ramsay’s quote, projected near David Hume’s house.

Gavin Inglis on soundcloud

William Letford’s poem, ‘Monuments of the Mind’ responds to David Hume’s quote, projected on the Melville Monument in St Andrew Square.

William Letford on soundcloud

Kirsty Logan’s story ‘Sleep Pictures’ responds to a quote by Alison Rutherford, Lady Cockburn, projected onto the Roxburghe Hotel.

Kirsty Logan on soundcloud

Ken MacLeod’s story, ‘Maxwell’s Platter’ responds to Adam Smith’s quote, projected onto the Royal Society building on George Street.

Ken MacLeod on soundcloud

Listen to James Robertson reading and explaining Robert Fergusson’s ‘Ode to the Gowdspink’, projected onto 81 George Street.
James Robertson reading ‘Ode to the Gowdspink’ on soundcloud

A new introduction to ‘Ode to the Gowdspink’ by James Robertson:
James Robertson talking about ‘Ode to the Gowdspink’ on soundcloud

Listen to J L Williams’ poem ‘The Wisdom of Stone’, which responds to a James Hutton quote, projected using a Puffersphere in Charlotte Square.

J L Williams on soundcloud


Audio guides

David Hicks from Edinburgh World Heritage recorded special audio guides, so that you might get a better sense of each building and its place in the Scottish Enlightenment. You can download and stream these below. If your mobile device doesn’t support flash, please click on the soundcloud link:

175 Rose Street

175 Rose Street on soundcloud

Charlotte Square

Charlotte Square on soundcloud

81 George Street

81 George Street on soundcloud

St Andrew Square

St Andrew Square on soundcloud

1 Rose Street

1 Rose Street on soundcloud

22 George Street

22 George Street on soundcloud

Recorded, edited and produced by Laura Cameron-Lewis and Andrew Eaton-Lewis of (g)Host City.
Mastered by Hamish Brown.

Additional voices on Ken MacLeod’s ‘Maxwell’s Platter’ by Ryan Van Winkle, Drew Wright and Martin McKenna.
The music on Kirsty Logan’s ‘Sleep Pictures’ is an instrumental version of The Fakester Resurrection, from the Swimmer One album Dead Orchestras. Copyright Biphonic Records 2010.
With thanks to Dr Jon Jenkins, of the SETI Institute, who produced the star sonifications from the Kepler data, featured in Gavin Inglis’ ‘Starfield’.